We've detected that you are using a VPN, Proxy or TOR connection

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Hi - sorry for the abrupt interruption:

We understand that your privacy is important, and you want to protect yourself online, however here at The World Rebuilt we request that you disable your VPN, Proxy or TOR connection.

In order to keep our services fast and secure, we need users to use their own personal connections and not those provided by 3rd parties.

Using a VPN can increase lag on our servers and also help people evade bans. You will be unable to access our services if you use a VPN.

Additionally to protect our services we purposely block connections like yours.

You will not be able to verify, login to TWR/Central or use TWR/Global (Minecraft network) if you have your VPN or proxy enabled.

Why we block VPNs, Proxies & TOR:

Controversial - I know.

When I set out to block VPNs it wasn't because I had some hatred toward privacy, in fact I use a VPN myself. One I created in AWS using OpenVPN. Now, you are probably thinking it was to stop people evading bans, and nope it wasn't that either.

The real reason why we block VPNs is this: we use edge servers for our Minecraft network and for our website. I know what you are thinking, what is an 'edge server'?

An edge server is the 'man in the middle'. We locate servers closer to where you live to reduce lag and to improve overall performance. One of our key features is we deploy your session server (the one you build on) based on your location to one of our international data center locations. Our system will detect your closest data center, and place your session there.

Now, with a VPN, you can place yourself on a completely different continent to where you are actually located, which makes lag a real problem. Yes, we're not a highly competitive PvP network, and lag isn't a huge issue for usual block building, but when you have multiple clients all spoofing their location, suddenly block lag becomes real.

Now some of you might have super fast VPNs, and that's great, but I like to be cautious. We're using some really cool tech for our Minecraft network, and we'd like to be doubly safe by blocking VPNs. You'll now see a special message in game and on the website if we detect you using a VPN.

Now, no system is 100%, and I'm sure you will likely celebrate at your VPN bypass to our servers, but for now this is a good solution.

Oh, and yes - blocking VPNs does help make our verification system more accurate and to slow down ban evasion, but that is a plus.